On Demand Pharmacy

There are times when your pharmacy cannot fill a prescription due to hours, geography, or emergencies. This is where StatimRx On Demand Pharmacy steps in to support your organization. We have put together back up pharmacy network of over 70K retail pharmacies and utilize the best PBM technology to insure an affordable, accurate, transparent, and timely On Demand pharmacy solution. Working in conjunction with StatimRX Delivery you can automate the entire On Demand Pharmacy experience.

Healthcare Delivery Platform

Using cloud delivery technology we can provide nationwide delivery services. With thousands of drivers at our disposal, we can offer competitive pricing, timely pick up and drop offs, as well as guaranteed deliveries. StatimRx Delivery is a perfect solution for healthcare entities looking for cost effective, timely and accurate logistics.

Acute Patient Management

Our programs help pharmacies monitor claims and focus on lowering patient readmissions.

Provider Focused PBM

Our PBM services are provider focused using managed care principles to drive contract compliance, drug utilization, and cost containment.

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