Giving You Tools to Coordinate Better Patient Care

We’re committed to helping you serve your clients and customers through innovative technological solutions.

Our Solutions

Our service offerings are designed to be provider-focused, making your operations more efficient with lower costs for an improved experience.

On Demand Pharmacy

We can help your organization fill prescription needs due to hours, geography, or emergencies.

Healthcare Delivery Platform

We offer healthcare organizations cost effective, timely and accurate logistics services nationwide.

Acute Patient Management

Our programs help pharmacies monitor claims and focus on lowering patient readmissions.

Provider Focused PBM

Our PBM services are provider focused using managed care principles to drive contract compliance, drug utilization, and cost containment.

You Can Rely on Us.


Advanced Technology

Using state-of-the-art PBM platforms and innovative logistics

Cost Effective

Using enhanced networks, we help pharmacies make the best decisions

Better Outcomes

Our programs are focused on helping providers improve patient care

Who We Are

A provider-friendly platform designed around pharmacy needs in the healthcare industry.


Using technology to improve the provider’s experience and the care of the patient.


We are a team of healthcare executives with 40+ years of experience in building healthcare solutions and services.


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