StatimRX is pleased to announce the hire of Michael Cator as our VP of Business Development. 

“The key driver for joining StatimRX wasn’t just the people I’d be working with, but also the opportunity to get into a service industry where there are products that I truly believe in that have been helping long term care pharmacies save money and thrive in the industry,” said Cator. “When you look at the platform that StatimRX has built, it really is the best there is in the industry right now and really raising the bar for stat delivery.”

Cator brings nearly a decade of experience working with long term care pharmacies to the company.

“I really like listening and learning and understanding what’s going on with every customer I visit,” he said. “Every pharmacy is different. There’s a unique value that they each bring to their customer and it’s awesome to get to know them and learn that special value.” 

“We all have our strengths at the StatimRx team but one of our common denominators is passion,” said John DiFiore, “Mike not only brings passion to his daily work but he genuinely has passion about the long term care industry and his customers.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Michael Cator to the StatimRx and LithiaRx family of companies.  His deep knowledge of the industry and commitment to pharmacy clients will bring tremendous value to our companies and to our clients that we serve,” said Craig Douglas.