Hospital Pharmacy Delivery Services

StatimRX is helping hospital outpatient pharmacies stay relevant and continue to compete against national chain pharmacies and internet pharmacies by offering home deliveries.

Research shows one of the most frustrating experiences for patients is waiting for the prescription before getting discharged, as well as then waiting in line to pick it up. StatimRX has taken the pain away and provides a reliable and efficient process for meds-to-home delivery nationwide.

Maximize the Most Under-Utilized Asset

The hospital outpatient pharmacy is the one asset that can set the patient’s opinion of the service they’ve received at a hospital or facility. By utilizing the pharmacy services and thinking outside of the “four walls” by offering home delivery services, a hospital can ensure the following things.


It is imperative to be aware of what medication the patient is receiving and continuing to take long-term. This allows the hospital to also keep their patient records up-to-date and know what medication the patient is taking.

Ensures Medication Adherence

30% – 35% of all prescriptions go unfilled at a pharmacy – whether that be never getting sent to the pharmacy or never getting picked up. StatimRX delivery services allows for the hospital to know what the patient received their medication.


For high-risk patients who may have diabetes or heart disease, it is imperative they received mediation on time and the correct medication each time.


Knowing the patient has received the medication at their home, and by utilizing the pharmacy staff, a patient can be checked on regularly to ensure their medication adherence and lower the risk of re-admittance to the hospital within a 30-day window.

Recent Growth

Refill retention is often where a hospital outpatient pharmacy misses out on additional growth opportunity. Enabling patient access increases prescription volume overall at the hospital and continues to ensure medication adherence at the same time, while continuing to growth the hospital’s revenue.

StatimRX is helping hospitals nationwide move forward into the “new reality” by helping answer the question “How can we get the prescription into the patients hands quicker in the most convenience space for them?” The answer is: DELIVERY SERVICES!

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