Hospital Pharmacy Delivery Services

StatimRX is helping hospitals remain relevant in their patients’ care journey by reaching outside the four walls to service their patients where and when care is needed.  From a patient perspective, one frustrating aspect of the healthcare experience is waiting for prescriptions to be filled.  With healthcare increasingly moving back to the home, coupled with the telehealth explosion over the last year, pharmacy needs to innovate in order to position itself to play an important and distinguishable role in patient care.

“Hospital at home” services, including delivering and maintaining monitoring diagnostic services at a patient’s home are already being offered today, so why haven’t we also adopted meds-to-homes?

StatimRX has taken the pain away and provides a reliable and efficient process for same day home delivery nationwide.

Maximize the Most Under-Utilized Asset

The hospital outpatient pharmacy is the one asset that can set the patient’s opinion of the service they’ve received at a hospital or clinic. Benefits to a health system, and the patients they serve, include:

Mitigate Risk

By positioning pharmacists more extensively throughout the care continuum, Health Systems can reduce readmission rates attributed to medical non-adherence. Ensuring patients receive their prescribed medications through local delivery creates a better patient experience, enables the opportunity for pharmacy interaction, and allows for the effective management of high-risk patients.

Position Pharmacy as a Strategic Asset

Like a good meds-to-beds solution, delivery of prescriptions expands pharmacy services to the patient’s home and leverages the pharmacy asset.  Keeping patients within your network and utilizing your pharmacies and services, improves revenue through increased prescription volume and refill retention.

Reputation Matters

Mail order isn’t the only option for home delivery of prescriptions.  In fact, any delivery service can deliver a package from one location to another. But healthcare has a reputation for wellness, so why trust your deliveries to drivers unfamiliar in the space?  Due to the very nature of the delivery, healthcare logistics simply requires a higher degree of oversight to screen, track and ensure every order reaches the intended patient on time. When it comes to prescription home delivery, your trusted partner should be an extension of your healthcare entity because when they do their job, you can do your job.

Healthcare is Local

Because healthcare is local, if your health system doesn’t have its own pharmacy, or if your pharmacy cannot fill a prescription due to hours, geography or emergency, having a network of locally-owned pharmacies for on-demand and first-fill pharmacy needs, coupled with prescription home delivery, provides patients with continuity of care.

Improve Star Ratings

A hospital’s STAR rating is a summary of quality measures including readmission, patient experience, effectiveness of care and timeliness of care. By offering prescription home delivery, hospitals can appropriately manage high risk patients and ensure medications are in-hand to start therapy and remain adherent.  An improvement in quality measures has a direct impact on reimbursement.

Virtual Care Convenience

Telehealth has already proven to be a vital healthcare component.  But when a patient is seen virtually the chances for medication abandonment rises exponentially. Pairing telehealth with your pharmacies and including prescription delivery helps close the gap in the patient care journey.

StatimRX is helping hospitals nationwide move forward into the “new reality” by helping answer the question “How can we get the prescription into the patients hands quicker in the most convenience space for them?” 


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